Quik Drive® PROSDX150G2 Steel-Decking System - The Woodshed

Quik Drive® PROSDX150G2 Steel-Decking System

Simpson Strong Tie
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The PROSDX150G2 is the multipurpose system for nestable or interlocking steel decking and side-lap stitching. The PROSDX150G2 can be loaded with the Strong-Drive® XM Medium-Head Metal screw for interlocking steel deck applications, or one of the Self-Drilling X Metal screws for side-lap stitching or cold-formed steel framing.

Key Features

  • Features a Precision Placement nosepiece for accurate driving
  • One system for fastening steel decking to structural members and steel stitching
  • Designed for both the Strong-Drive XM Medium-Head Metal screw and the Self-Drilling X Metal screw